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CoX and Vista

Under the cut - A basic How-To:
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How stable is CoX with Vista? Are you experiencing any extra lag at all?
Whilst i'm not hurrying out to buy Vista yet, i am intrigued.

Well I have a GF 8500, 1 gb RAM and an Athlon x2 5000+ CPU, so take that into account when I say that I can run CoH in full 1024x768 res with everything cranked up to maximum - DoF, Particles, Bloom...
The weird thing is, the only time I get lag is near Wentworths. I can team, jsut fine - leaping around the city? Smooth as silk. Fighting? No problem. The acid test: Dropping itno a Troll rave? Not so much as a wobble.
But Wentworths? Bang. Stutter city. I think it's either the number of heroes there aor... some sort of weird networking pre-cache that eats my mapserver connection.
Every hero's got different textures on them, which every troll hasn't.

I also find textures load slowly when stepping into the university or the vault reserve.
I think i might start saving up a bit then as i think my pc might fall over with Vista on and playing CoX. I have the same amount of ram as you but my GF and Processor are not as good. (Can't remember off the top of my head what my specs are as i'm being useless today).

Personally i've not been into Wentworths, but the only time i experience lag is if im on CoH and do an arachnos mission.
It shouldn't do. You can try it and see!
I can do the setting changes on my CoH shortcut. What I don't know is how you got it to turn up in that Games Explorer - just won't go there for me...

I opened games explorer, dragged the icon in there.
I didn't have to, it was just convenient to have all my games shortcuts in one place.
Cheers for this. It's a bit more explanitory than what I've seen on the CoH forums.
I had 2 gigs ram, Geforce 128mb dedicated graphics, centrino duo and Vista, and I get a wee bit of lag in the places you all mentioned, University, Wentworths. Anywhere with high traffic really.