Holly Crawford (hollso) wrote in coh_uk,
Holly Crawford

Screenshot from double XP weekend

Cross posted to city_of_heroes, so you may read this twice!

Hi folks, just thought I'd pop up a screenshot I took while running around getting double xp a few weekends ago. 19-23, woo!
Oh, first post here, too. I play Apollo. (dot) at Defiant (eu), now a level 26 magic scrapper.

Left to right: Can't remember; something dark and firey I think, cool design though
Ferralgia; cool dude this one
Lil Miss Healer; best healer ever
Crimson Wright, I think. Or was it Celestial...
Can't remember the one next to him; he had the same coat as Seventh Son; oh noes!
In front is my Apollo in SG colours
Behind is fellow SG member Seventh Son
And... Xetrov Shockflame (I think). I was doing Citadel's tf last night with him, but the internet conked out at quarter to 1 in the morning.

Apollo also recently got more clothing:

I understand there's a sneaky way to get text in screenshots?

I hope to be getting the Good vs Evil edition of the game when I get back from a trip on friday. Then I'll be making a tanker alt. Tankers are so cool.
See you 'round!
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